Finding Best Motorcycle Leather Pant That protects you

Finding Best Motorcycle Leather Pant That protects you

Riding a motorcycle is fun. However, it is sometimes dangerous, and that is why you need to be careful. Many things that you can do to have a safe ride. The first one is wearing apparel that is fully loaded with safety features during your ride and employing the safe riding practice. This is always recommended to go for the natural leather instead of any modern man-made textiles. Because leather is always more protective and abrasion resistance in case of road crash or worse. A good set of leather motorcycle pant makes the difference between a rider wrapped in gauze and the rider in the garage putting something new on his bike.

Getting the right motorcycle riding gear reinforced with armor and spot-on stitched will protect you and can add some enjoyment to your everyday ride. The primary purpose to built Motorcycle Leather Pant is to keep your skin safe in an unscheduled meeting with the asphalt. With the motorcycle clothing lineup of Leather Collection, you will enjoy buying Motorcycle pants come in all styles now, from casual to hardcore, understated to over-the-top, so there’s something for everybody.

What Makes a Motorcycle Pant?

As Motorcycle Pant is not the made of a single material, it is built with the right composition of different materials in different parts of the pant according to the required safety features. A good pant primarily manufactured with genuine leather with the configuration of stretch fabric, Sliders, Foam padding, rubber padding, removable armors and safety stitch.

What makes Motorcycle Leather Pant Abrasion and Tear Resistance?

Since the protection from drag is the necessary part of leather pants. It is worth look into different materials holds up when comes to contact the ground. Following are the well-executed test by SGS Hong Kong Pvt Ltd. The test involved mounting a sample of each material onto a platform and grinding into it with rubber-emery wheels and measuring the number of rotations it took until the material was worn through. The results of this test can give you a good idea of how abrasion resistant motorcycle pants will be depending the material they are manufactured.

MaterialRevolutions to Failure
Cordura Nylon559
Ballistic Nylon817
Leather (1.3-1.5mm thick)2600

The Importance of Size and Fitting

Beyond features and construction, the second most important feature of motorbike pant is the size and fitting, and this is not the responsibility of manufacturer – it’s riders own. The proper size and fitting holds the pads and armor in positions where they required in case of the crash, drag or even worse.

When shopping leather pants online, you need your body measurements of your waist (10 cm below navel) and inseam (crotch to ground). These measures should be taken on the bear skin or wearing a skin fit layers. Don’t take your own measurements ask your fellow to help to take your measurements when you are standing straight. Note down your measurements in cm or inches. Fit and sizing vary manufacturer to manufacturer and style to style, always check manufacturer size guide before placing the order. If there is any confusion in selecting the correct size, ask the pant manufacturer to help you in choosing the right & best size and fitting.

Made to Order Motorcycle Leather Pant: In today’s world of specialization Leather Collection is offering custom size leather pants and Custom Size doubles the protection and comfort, that leads to delighted ride.

Purpose of Leather Pant and Style

A wide variety of different pant styles available depending on where and how you’ll be riding. Let’s go over a few

Race Leather Pants

These are the top level leather pants can use in Drag racing, On-Track Race. These pants manufactured with the highest grade of Leather, Hard-shell Armor inserts, double layered leather on critical parts and fabrication of selected parts for added comfort level. These pants have a zipper attachment so that they can wear as a part of jacket set.

Key Features

  • Top grain leather specially processed and drum dyed for excellent abrasion resistance and durability
  • Additional layer of leather stitched on knees and hips for extra protection from crash and drag
  • Pre-Curved legs for proper riding position
  • Internal protection on knee is CE approved
  • Foam padding on knee to reduce crash impact
  • Safety seems with dual stitch and triple stitched on most critical places
  • Semi auto-lock YKK zippers for secure closure
  • Removable dual density armors at knees
  • Removable Knee Sliders
  • Rubber padding on the main parts

Touring Motorcycle Pants

If you are fond of adventures and cross country touring rides, you need touring pant that will help you through all climates and varying terrains as far as from a crash. These pants are well made so that you can wear it all day long.

Key Features

  • Made of premium leather
  • Accordion Stretch leather panels or Stretch fabric for comfort
  • Double stitching
  • Unfinished hems
  • Reinforced knees/seat area
  • Armor inserts for impact absorption
  • Buckles or Velcro for fit adjustment
  • Zippers to attach to jacket

Leather Chaps

It will help your lower body prevented from scratches, chafing, scrapes and abrasions. They are made from thick leathers to protect your shin and ankles. This gear has two fasteners to protect your thighs while still allowing you to move freely during your motorcycle races. Wearing this type of gear will leave you peace of mind and will make your ride truly enjoyable

Key Features

  • Looser, adjustable fit for wear over street clothes
  • Long side zippers for easy on and off

In Leather Collection, you can find an excellent leather fashion that will suit your style. Their products are all designed for your protection and safety needs. Moreover, they have the ability to customize your chosen design where they do it quickly only for you.


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